Spreadsheets for the Home

Spreadsheets can be used for almost any purpose that involves keeping track of information. Spreadsheets for the home can be an invaluable resource in case of a fire or burglary. For example, you could keep an inventory of all the purchases you have made, together with serial numbers, date of purchase, amount of purchase and any other pertinent information. If something were destroyed in a fire orstolen during a burglary, you would have all the information at your fingertips.

There are many different kinds of spreadsheets for the home that would benefit the homeowner. You could track expenses for each month and group the months together in one workbook labeled with the year. Since most spreadsheet applications, including Microsoft Excel, work with formulas, it would be easy to enter the amount of your home expenses and have Excel keep up with the balance due, interest paid, total paid, and any other criteria you deem important.

Another helpful spreadsheet for the home would be a gift-giving register along with preferences, sizes, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other important dates, including Christmas. You could enter the data as to what you got each person for Christmas and when their birthday or next Christmas comes around, all the information would be at your fingertips.

It would be helpful to print out this type of spreadsheet and keep it in your purse or car, so that when you are out shopping you will have sizes and color preferences handy when you find something on sale or discover a "must have".

Spreadsheets aren't just for bills or accountants. Spreadsheets are designed to make our lives easier by organizing the information important to each individual.

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