Simple Microsoft Excel Tasks

From the moment you begin using Microsoft Excel you can learn simple tasks that will make the spreadsheet not only easy to use, but also more attractive to look at. For example, the copy and paste functions in Microsoft Excel can save you a lot of time and can be done in a couple of seconds.

Before you perform any task in Microsoft Excel, you will need to highlight the selection with which you want to work. You can accomplish this by placing your cursor at the beginning of your selection and click and drag the mouse to the end of the selection. Now all you need to do is, with the cursor on any part of that selection, right-click the mouse and select "copy".

You will then need to put your cursor where you want this information copied to, whether it be at a different place in the spreadsheet, in an email message, or in an entirely different spreadsheet or document. As soon as you place your cursor where you want the information to be copied, right-click the mouse and select "paste". Your selection will now appear in the new place. In case you wanted to move that selection instead of copying it, in the first step instead of selecting "copy" you would select "cut".

Your selection would instantly disappear and reappear at the place you decided to paste it. Once you have your selection highlighted, there are many simple tasks you can perform in Microsoft Excel. You could then highlight the selection with color, bold the selection, change the selection, or there are dozens of other choices.

Whatever it is you want to do to in Microsoft Excel, you will need to start by selecting the proper function. After that, you can make any changes that you desire.

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