Microsoft Excel for Beginners

Even beginners need not be afraid of diving right into Microsoft Excel. The user-friendly toolbar and help section make it easy for the neophyte to jump in and get his or her feet wet. As confidence builds, the new user will soon discover that Microsoft Excel offers a wide variety of features for building all sorts of spreadsheets.

As soon as Microsoft Excel is opened, a blank spreadsheet will appear ready for its first task. Take a few moments to explore the possibilities. Find the toolbar located across the top of the page. Browse around the different tools available to you. Lay your cursor in one of the words at the very top; for instance, "file". By left-clicking on your mouse you will reveal a list of commands governed by that word. The first three categories under file are new, open and close. Exit is the very last command on the list. When you double-click on exit, Microsoft Excel will close out entirely. If you choose to exit the program, be sure to save any data entered before leaving. As with any software program, you should also save every few minutes while entering your work.

Once you've familiarized yourself with accessing the different command functions, open several and investigate their functions. One of the barriers many people have to working with computers is fear; fear of looking silly or feeling stupid. Don't be afraid of Microsoft Excel. Even those with no experience whatsoever will soon find themselves making simple spreadsheets. From there it won't take long at all to move from beginner to intermediate user of Microsoft Excel.

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