Microsoft Excel: An Overview

Microsoft Excel is probably the most popular spreadsheet application there is. Part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, it is routinely used in businesses and homes all over the world to keep track of important data.

Instantly upon opening a workbook in Microsoft Excel, you can begin to enter data into the cells, which are the individual units that hold the records. Excel is comprised of rows and columns by which you can enter data to form a true accounting of the information you are tracking.

Excel begins with a default number of sheets at the bottom of the workbook labeled sheet number 1, 2 and 3. You can add as many sheets to the workbook as you want and by right-clicking the sheet, you can rename it. Suppose for example, you are tracking expenses for each month. You can name the sheets January, February and March. If you wish to continue in that workbook you can add all the months.

In the same way, if you were tracking attendance records or payroll for the employees in your company, you could name each sheet with the name of an employee. Excel lets you be the boss. You tell it what to do and it complies.

You can share data between workbooks or even between different Microsoft Office programs. You can add an Excel spreadsheet to a Word document and you can also add text from a Word document to an Excel spreadsheet.

You can email an Excel spreadsheet to a coworker and have him or her make changes and email it back to you or you can specify that no changes are to be made and Excel will allow no changes to be made. You can attach a password to your spreadsheet if you like.

Excel isn't just for the workplace either. You can track your home expenses or your Christmas card list, or anything you can think of to make your home run smoother.

Excel is extremely user-friendly and has a comprehensive help file should you need assistance. In addition, you can get free support from the Microsoft website for all your Excel issues.

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