Integrating Microsoft Excel with other Applications

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that manipulates different types of data. Excel has been typically included with the Microsoft Office Suite, which includes different Microsoft applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, FrontPage, and Access. Excel interacts with all of these in some shape or form. For example, an Excel table can be inserted into a Word Document as some sort of an exhibit. Also, data can be manipulated in Microsoft Excel to be uploaded or imported into Access for further manipulation and analysis. Although Excel is a Microsoft application, it can be used with other applications that are not made by Microsoft.

QuickBooks can be used with Excel. Data from the QuickBooks program can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or data from Excel can be imported into QuickBooks. This allows a different way of viewing information and manipulation of the same information.

A program called AS400 can also be used with Excel. AS400 is a system that is similar to other financial systems in that it allows financial data to be input into it so that financial statements and records can be done. Although this program is an older program and less user friendly then newer programs, it is still used today. Different financial information from the AS400 system can be exported out to an Excel spreadsheet. This can be very useful for AS400 users because the system is not that easy to understand, however the Excel spreadsheet can probably present the data in a more understandable way.

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